Monday, December 20, 2010

One mans garbage is another's treasure

    I never used to take pictures of people. I just took pictures. I would go out, and just find things that were interesting to me, things that looked like they were meant to have their picture taken.
I went out the other weekend with my new Contax G1 35mm camera and while running errands around the city I started looking again. And It felt weird.....
Which made me think of the first time I met Ryan Muirhead. I was helping him out on a shoot in Utah and we were talking about something about taking pictures. I remember him saying he does not take pictures of anything except people... he said he just can't.... At the moment I found that to be the last thing out of his mouth.... A photographer as amazing as Ryan saying he "can't" take pictures of something......
  Almost a year later I understand what he meant.
Focusing on portraits, on people is nothing like taking random pictures. I can't explain it but somewhere in our heads we all see things differently depending on what we shoot and focus on. Turning off parts of our brains to focus on the human body, or face or clothing is different than framing a picture of a building or your dog or a flower on a garbage can
    I just found it profound.   Which made me find all of these.

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