Thursday, January 14, 2010

just the beginning

So I am using this blog as a way to keep myself on track. A way to keep myself in check and in a way, stay honest.
Posting film is kinda tough. The whole "non-instant gratification" thing is a little bit of a problem some would think. But the thing about film that no one can deny, it that you go through a roll, you know it turned out ok, but you don't really know. You finish a roll, sometimes taking a week or more to finish it. Get it developed and by then, you have forgotten what was on it. You get kind of excited to see them, hoping they turned out the way you remember, or like me, don't remember what was on the roll at all.
Then when you start to look at them, you find yourself reliving the whole moment.
Not to mention that Film is so much more forgiving than Digital.
This is by any means a digital hating site, I know so many people who are so brilliant with a digital camera, and would be just as brilliant with film. This is just a way to use a different way I guess.
Thanks for following, I hope I keep you here

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