Friday, April 16, 2010

An observation, and some old pics.....

Everyone finds it so easy to take an interesting picture when they are in a different place from where they live.
Paris is amazing because its not Chicago. Colorado is beautiful because it has mountains. Alaska is like another planet because Sarah Palin lives there.
What I mean is that it becomes harder and harder to find "interesting" pictures when you see the same things every day.
But, the thing I have realized is that when I take a picture of something as mundane as the skyline in the south loop of Chicago, It has lost the ability to be interesting to me. But to someone living in...say.... Chitna, Alaska, (click on it, been there, its amazing) It is like me, seeing something for the first time.
This is something I think about a lot. It what I think about when I look at other photographers pictures too. What may seem like something amazingly new to me..... may be a waste of a shot to the person who took it.........
Just something to think about......

This is actually a film photo from about 200 miles east of Chitna, Alaska.
I have been looking for the negative in vein for the last 3 years hoping it will just pop up sometime soon.
It has been changed to Black and white and has had some work done to it.

Chicago alley, Digital.
Wicker Park, Chicago
It was twenty-one below when I took this picture from where I was working in Evanston.
Have a good weekend.

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