Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Photographer 2 of 3.... Ryan Muirhead, Orem, UT

Right now, Ryan is my favorite photographer. His work KILLS me. His models, are angels.
The way he shoots his subjects, is how breathing is done, easy and natural. The simple portrait is the greatest picture to me. No fluff, no pomp and dancing. Just beauty right from the lens.
I somehow got to help Ryan in a shoot about a month ago. I was nervous as a little kid. He was the coolest guy ever. SO much fun. Eager to show his tricks, talk about his ideas and opinions on everything from movies to the taste of pavement to what his weaknesses are.
Just in the little 2 hours I helped out (holding reflectors) I learned so much about simple direction in portrait work.
He is a master at it. Every time I look at his work it takes my breath away....
And for me, that is what taking pictures is all about.

Here he is


Lindsey Shaun Christensen said...

he is seriously talented. i love all the stuff he keeps pumping out.

Mitch Issel said...

Yup, Ryan ROCKsss.....