Thursday, June 17, 2010


Its not that easy to capture the art of dance in one frame.
This shoot was so challenging and I was so lucky to work with a dancer like Jaema.

Camera: Conatx
film: Ilford PANF 50
I used a really slow film to try to get really long exposures in order to get some movement.
I cant wait to do this again.


JoeG said...

Chris, these photos are awesome! Great works of art by both the dancer and photographer.

innaplanetianka said...

Dude, these are very very good. I feel like film here adds to the mood but it's really your vision that makes the photograph. Great slow shutter speeds.

P.S. I want one print for my birthday ))

Charlie said...

Are you pics or Jaema more awesome?

Christopher Wilocki said...

Jaema, hands down.