Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Published Internationally in INK magazine!

  Its funny how things happen sometimes. I did a shoot for INK magazine last year around November for the winter issue. Needless to say, the shoot did not make the cut. I got a call from the editor in chief and he told me that he was crazy for a personal shoot I did that I posted on my Facebook page (of all places)
Well, here it is, a personal shoot with my friend Taylor Stevens. Make-up and hair by Rose Okoye.
It goes without saying that personal work is what makes a photographer, not what you get paid for.
 INK magazine is FILLED with great photography from around the world. Its vision comes from a great man named John Troxel.
  Find his blog - HERE
  Find Taylor's nutty and meaningful blog - HERE  Lots of work from her and I on her blog.
  Find your copy of INK - HERE - Its a really big magazine and any fashion dork will love it!

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Taylor said...

Nutty?! Totally kidding...I know I'm a nut. Tear sheets are awesome. So happy with our work! You're gonna be huge. Seeeriously.