Friday, June 24, 2011

Ray LaMontange and the Pariah Dogs.

Ray LaMontange is my favorite artist in the universe. No question.
About 6 months ago I got an idea in my head that I wanted to photograph Ray LaMontange personally. So I went on a mission to figure out a way to get to shoot him. After 5 months of emailing, learning how to put myself out there and ask people I do not know and learning how far friendships really go I finally got in touch with Ray's personal manager. After a couple of emails I learned that Ray, like many photographers I know, ranks being in front of the camera at the very bottom on his "things I want to do" list.
Instead I got a photo pass and a whole lot of knowledge... Which I was very grateful for.
The photo pass was actually a pretty big deal. No one was allowed to take pictures of anything, which I found pretty amazing.
This is what the night looked like for me.
 Side notes and info. - So if you ever want to shoot a show at this venue, DONT. Photographer have to be 40 rows back and off to the right, and stay in one spot. You cannot be in the front because you block peoples view. So buy front row tickets.
Camera info
Contax 654 & Leica M6
Kodak Ektar 100 - Kodak Portra 400 - Fuji 800z
(The night shots were on a Leica M6 hand held! )
Scanned and Developed by North Coast Photo.

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Clary said...

In 2007 I heard "Trouble" on a UK radio station and was blown away. He's just so amazing. Great job sticking your neck out and making it happen! When he asks you to do his next album cover, I'll hold your bags.