Sunday, October 9, 2011

Honor Flight Chicago September 30th 2011

I was asked by Honor Flight Chicago to not only get the chance to shoot another flight, but this time I was asked to fly with them to D.C. to experience the entire day with all of these men and women. The day lasted from 3am to 11pm. 

I would like to thank first and foremost Mary P. from Honor Flight Chicago. Her leadership is one of a kind and her excitement for each and every flight is beyond contagious. 
Tim R. and Audry J. from Kodak for donating {a lot} of the best film ever made! And their ability to get behind a good project and help out the best way they can. 
Angela M. and Brin G. at the greatest photo lab in the world, Richards Photo Lab for donating ALL of the flawless developing and scanning. {little testament to their amazing work, I "edited" over 200 pictures for this blog in 2 hours}
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This is the story of an entire Honor Flight Chicago day. 

Again, To all the people that help me document this day I am so thankful. 

If you ever get a chance to see a night filled with the happiest, gracious and loving people giving thanks to the greatest generation, then
Click HERE to visit the Honor Flight Chicago site

Camera: Contax 645 80mm lens
Leica M6 35mm lens

Film: Kodak Tri-X
The NEW Kodak Portra 400

{ I am not going to lie or give a cheep plug, BUT. I shot Portra in EVERY lighting situation possible. And its performance is spectacular. And don't even get me started on Tri-X. There is a reason it's been around longer than I have }

Any questions, comments or if you see yourself in a picture and want it, 
Just let me know. 

For a deeper look into this day 
Click HERE 

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