Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Friends Wedding

 I {unfortunately} do not shoot many weddings. In fact this was number 2 in my wedding portfolio. But this was not really shooting a wedding.

    My great friend got married. And I was graciously invited to be a guest at this very small and intimate wedding held at La Creperie in Chicago. 
     I have known Inna for almost 7 years and was so happy to see her so stupidly in love. 
     I also was grateful to witness this small, but loud, Russian wedding where every person had to give a toast, which I found to be the most endearing part of any wedding I have attended. 

Congratulations to both of you. Tons of love. 


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Amelia Johnson said...

Sensational. Congratulations to Inna! She looks so gorgeous! I love Russian weddings. Were any Russian cigarettes smoked? You would know if they were. Toasts from everyone!? What an endearing tradition indeed!