Thursday, February 4, 2010

The 99 Strangers Project

The 99 Strangers Project.
I do not know where I found it but here is what it is in a nut shell.
Definition of "Stranger"
A person who's first and last name is not known.
What Qualifies as "stranger" picture....
I must TALK to the person, Learn their name, learn something about them. Using my personality. Remember that thing. Personality. You use it to communicate with humans.
Take their picture. And maybe learn something about someone I have never known.

Stranger #1/99
Tim from Central Camera. Tim is my film guy, as you can tell from the background. He runs the film department at the store and is awesome at it.
Taken with my Mamiya 645afd - Fuji Pro 800z


Jonathan Canlas said...

dude! i met this guy! this is in chicago right? we went into this store and drooled over their f6 they had. and the contax range finder camera.

Christopher Wilocki said...

That is so funny! yes it is chicago.

Inna K said...

familiar faces! :))