Thursday, June 3, 2010

Alaska 2002, The beginning.

This was my first time in Alaska.
My first long climb.
12 days on a mountain
I went back to Alaska 2 more times.
I have never been to the top of anything I have climbed in Alaska.

But thats what Alaska is all about.
Its like gambling,
There is that pull that drives you mad,
never leaves your veins,
it does not call you back, it whispers right in your ear.
And never goes away.

Camera: It might have been a Canon Eos Rebel something or another? Film: If I was to guess, I was probably using Kodak tri-x 400?
I was using a Polarizing filter a TON because of how bright it was. The Black sky is due to using the filter when the sky was nice and blue.

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