Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Holidays

Christmas Eve. 

Christmas Day.

     Christmas in my family is a once a year thing. We have had the same meal on Christmas Eve my entire life. It has never changed. It is a BIG deal! And I wait for it all year long.

Little side rant:
  I took a lot of pictures this Christmas. And while I was shooting I wondered. How many people actually PRINT their pictures out after they take them? Are the days of having boxes of pictures laying around the house gone? Will we find ourselves 15-20 years from now wishing we had actually prints to look at instead of kicking ourselves for loosing all the years of pictures because you had to move them from computer to computer? Will our generation loose memories because pictures only lived on a computer screen? Ask yourself, in 20 years, will ALL your memories still be around? Because we can all agree, the computer you are on right now will not be.

  In one of the frames above there is a picture of my Father's family. The picture is in black and white, its our of focus, crooked and old. It is an original print. The picture is probably the only one of that moment and probably that day. Its scary to think that in this new digital age, pictures like this may never be around for what they are really taken for.... to remember, not just for a year, but possibly generations.

Camera & Film info.
The color film on Christmas Eve was shot on my Contax G2 35mm lens with Flash w/ Kodak Portra 800. The black and white film was cheep "color" film from china. And a roll of Kodak Tmax.
The color pictures on Christmas Day was shot on a Contax 645 80mm lens with the NEW Kodak Portra 400!

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