Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mike and Taylor Thornton Wedding

   I would first like to thank Taylor and Mike for having faith in my skills with a camera. I hope I did not let you down. And I hope that the 600 prints of the entire day end up in a box, only to be opened by your children one day.
  Second, to Ryan Timm for being just the best help and mentor during this day, could not have done it without him.
  And last. There was a moment during this wedding that has had a VERY lasting meaning in my life. And being the complete sissy I am, I almost broke down and sobbed during the ceremony. But being a complete professional...I held it together.....
  Anyway..... Mike and Taylor, I have never seen love like yours at a wedding. And I am in awe of it.
For prints and more of the wedding click -------> HERE


Taylor said...

Thank you, Chris! I means so much to have had you do the wedding. And it means even more to know how our wedding has affected you. Thank you for telling us. God's love is so good and that is how we desire to love one another too.

You did an amazing job! Can't stop looking at the photos. Seriously.

Kieran said...

Outstanding job!