Tuesday, February 23, 2010

From across the pond and then some.....

Here is a little writing I did today while in a cafe.......

At this very moment.. In Paris.. At this cafe.. I have no geographical idea where I am.
It is my first day alone. Jamie, my beautiful travel partner, has gone back to London. I have basically walked, turned, walked, turned none of which had any sort of rhyme or reason. Leading me to here.
On my way I found a book store. Looked over some frence photography books, found one called "My Paris Journal" Probably done about 30 years ago. All black and white. All amazing. Suddenly I became kinda mad that I only had 5 rolls of 120 Iso 50 black and white with me. And since then have been on the lookout for some film. ( Digital shooters no comment please)
I sit in constant facination of the language barrier. .......

A small table of 2 asians calp and whine like Paris Hilton as there food is delivered, Like the are on some other planet.
It is undescribable being this alone.
unable to comunicate
in some sence.... lost.
I am a complete observer.
The moves people make, their manurisims, their actions.
All under my microscope.
I watch the barmaid pour 5 glasses of wine at 1:15 on a Tuesday
My coffee intake has gone down tenfold. Nothing here it to excess.
No large, no extra large, just a small mug.
And every drop is savored.
my food is taking really long?
Ive worn this shirt for 7 out of 11 days.
I wonder if anyone travels without subconsicly comparing where they are to where they live?
i think my watress forgot my order......
The price I pay for only knowing 7 words in french......
yah. She forgot it
Luckly I could understand her apology.........

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Inna K said...

Sounds awesome...
Find Shakespeare & Co bookstore if you have time (it is not far from Notre Dame) and fun Shelby store (no idea where that one is).