Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Going on back later

This is my last post for about a month. I will be in Europe until the 12th of March. If there is still snow on the ground when I come home, someone is gonna get it! This trip will be like none I have ever taken. And in fact, I really do not know what to expect.
Which is why it just may be the best trip ever. No plans, no expectations, no influence.
It is finally my chance to be an outsider looking in. I will finally get to be influenced by what is around me. No cell phone and no laptop... that may be the best part!

I am bringing 25 rolls of 36 exposure 35mm film. Ranging from Fujicolor Iso 160c to 1600 to Ilford 3600 Black and white.
Over 50 rolls of 120 and 220 film. Anything from Fujicolor Iso 50, Ilford 50, And Fujicolor's 100-800z.



Inna K said...

I foresee adventures! Have a great time, stay safe and bring back your best pictures!

Tamara said...

Hey...thanks for checking out my blog. I just got your comment, so sorry for the delay. Your work is great. Have a fabulous time in Europe and looking forward to seeing what comes out of it on your blog!