Monday, February 6, 2012


 I want to talk about the art of "travel".
   Since I was 18 all I have wanted to do was to "see the world". I blame this worldly view on two things, my parents and National Geographic. It was the yellow framed magazine that exposed me as a very young child to the simple and addictive idea that the world is larger than my town and that it was completely mine to see. While most children are satisfied with just looking at the pictures, I wanted to see those places for my own dehydrated ego. I blame my parents for taking me out west when I was a giant sponge dying for something to scare me or to make me feel small. The combination of my parents love for "out west" and the accessibility of National Geographic has scared me from the start.
   As the new year is already a month old, I am yet again deep in the process of planning a "trip" that has been gnawing at my soul for quite sometime. But before I make that journey a reality, I am going on a vacation to one of my most favorite places in this great country.....Utah.
  I first went to Utah around the age of 20. Myself, my two best friends and three more friends loaded up two trailers with six ATV's and headed to "Little Sahara" dunes in central Utah. Gas was about a dollar, it took 28 hours non-stop. We spent a couple days in the dunes and then headed to the most amazing place on earth, Moab UT. I fell in love. A love that to this very day, has always loved me back.
  I am on my way to Utah for 2 weeks. Travel, its good for the soul.

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