Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Canyon Lands National Park, Moab UT

Seems I have not posted anything here for a while. Which is hard to believe because I have a ton of stuff to get edited out.
I recently spent a very long time out west for one of the best most deserved trips I have ever taken. It started out with four long, perfect days in Moab Utah. I spent two days in the Northern end of Canyonlands National Park and two more days in the southern end. Alone.
All of these pictures were hand developed and scanned by myself. Been spending a couple days making prints from all this work and might be getting something together to sell some prints.

All pictures were shot with my Fuji GF670 I shot a lot in 6x7 and 6x6.
The last picture is shot with a Leica M6, I think the last frame skipped the roller and got double exposed which made for a pretty much once in a lifetime image.
Kodak Tri-x and Ilford PANF 50.

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